About Jenni Jenkins

My name is Jennifer Jenkins-Sekine and I am a Birth Doula, Bereavement Doula, and Postpartum Doula.
I have the privilege of working with Deanna Norris BSN, CPM, LM as a midwifery assistant. I plan on working towards my midwifery degree beginning in 2022. Also, I am in the process of working towards my International Board Certified Lactation Constant (IBCLC) certification.  

Working to create positive change within my community is a passion of mine. This is why I created and facilitate the OKC family support group, Kaleidoscope

I am a mother, wife, animal lover, aerialist, archer, motorcyclist, book worm, baker,  fire breather, fermentation enthusiast, urban farmer,  and study the Japanese & German languages. 

Want to learn more about me and my family adventures?  Click the link below to read my personal blog.

Why I became a Doula

I serve the Central Oklahoma community of birthing people & families who are searching to take their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum options into their own hands through the support and resources of a doula specific to their birth experience goals.

After graduating high school, I attended Ohio University & Louisiana State University for a bachelor’s of science in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. During this time I worked for the United States Forest Service in Louisiana. While I originally intended my life path to be days full of adventures into the forests to save endangered species, plans changed after I personally experienced traumatic births with my two children.

After seeing & experiencing the care model that women expect to encounter during their pregnancy experiences, I decided things needed to change for the better. The first step was to change career paths and devote my life to fighting for birthing person’s rights during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as a birth doula.

The trauma of my experiences, while unfortunate, lit a fire in my heart for supporting and empowering birthing people. I feel very passionately that every birthing person deserves to be supported regardless of how they choose to experience birth. It gives me profound joy that I have the opportunity to be welcomed into such an intimate and life-changing event in others’ lives in order to provide support.
There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of a new life entering the world

It is the combination of my experiences as a qualified birth and postpartum doula & a mother of three, that helps me in empowering women’s lives in my community, by providing clients with emotional, physical, and educational support. My own birth experiences with and without a doula enlightened me on how crucial a doula’s support is to achieving an empowered birth.

When I am not supporting families

OKC babywearing doula

my family & I go on adventures.

 When I was younger, I spent my summers hiking all over Appalachia. Old Man’s Cave is a second home to me and my siblings. I even had the opportunity to hike, mountain bike, and canoe a portion of the AT or the Appalachian Trail when I was a teenager.

 The love for hiking and being amongst the forests is part of the reason I went to Ohio University and Louisiana State University for a BS in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. I just knew I wanted to spend my days underneath the shade of trees. Even though my life plan changed & I work as a birth worker now, I get to spend my days in nature with my family! 

Watching my babies go from hiking along with us in their baby carrier to trekking up trails all by themselves has been such a heartwarming experience. So far, they have hiked state and national parks in Ohio, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and a few more. We would love to take them hiking in all 50 states before they graduate high school! 

I am nurturing my gardens or animals.

My whole life I have always felt such a connection to nature! Prior to becoming a birth worker, I worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Louisiana and was earning my BS in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. Before that, I worked as a kennel tech during high school and volunteered at my local animal shelter.  
As an adult, I am a foster parent for neonatal kittens at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter.  My family and I have nurtured several tiny day old kittens and puppies until they were old enough and strong enough to find their forever homes.  We also have our own menagerie of fur babies at home. 

I love geeking out about permaculture & house plants. I am proud to share that I have a pretty great green thumb! One of the first things my husband and I did when we bought our own home was build our own raised garden and chicken coop! These days, we drink coffee and check on our garden together in the morning before our kiddos wake up and start the day. Nothing quite compares to the accomplished feeling you get after cooking a meal entirely from produce from your own backyard garden! I recently started diving into learning more about herbal medicine and hope to cover our quarter acre with wildflowers and herbs!

OKC Foster kitten Jenni Jenkins
fire breathing Birth doula

I breathe Fire.

Yup, you read that right. I am a professionally trained fire artist which includes fire props, fire breathing, fire eating, fleshing, & more. I have a license from the state of Oklahoma to perform fire and I have fire safety certifications. I also practice and perform aerial arts, with my favorite being Lyra or the Aerial Hoop.  

How did I get into fire and circus arts?  I was taught by experienced instructors at circus arts festivals that my husband and I work with or own. My husband and I spend our summer vacation time traveling around the U.S. attending different circus arts and ‘flow arts’ festivals with our kiddos. They are fantastic road trip buddies! Together, we have camped at festivals in Kentucky, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, & danced to artists like Beats Antique, Clozee, Dirtwire, Atomosphere, and SO many more!

The memories we have created and the friends that we have made at these festivals and on the journey to them are so important to our family. I am so grateful we have created a life where traveling and experiencing these things together is possible. 

My previous and current doula families have loved that they have a fire-breathing doula on their birth team! 

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