About the Doula: Is that Fire?

About the Doula: Is that Fire?

I do not have just one profession! I am a self-employed entrepreneur who runs Juniper Birth Services, the Oklahoma Circus Arts Academy, in addition to performing as an Aerial, Flow, and Fire artist!

 I’ve had the amazing opportunity to perform aerial, flow, and fire arts all over Oklahoma! Including Myriad Botanical Gardens, Ponca City Arts Center, and Plaza Districts LIVE! On the Plaza.


What are Aerial, Flow, & Fire Arts?

‘Spinning’ my fans in OKC’s Plaza District!

Aerial arts take place in an aerial apparatus. I am an aerial hoop artist and performer. Being up in the aerial hoop gives me so much joy and has helped me build my upper body & core strength! Aerial arts also drives me to practice flexibility training! I can assure you that training my upper body has gone hand in hand as a doula since I need to be able to provide my clients with counter pressure hip squeezes throughout labor!

Flow arts are called such because it is a form of active meditation. Your mind is so concentrated on the physical activity and the deliberate practice of certain tricks, you enter a ‘flow state’ of mind where you leave your thoughts behind.

I practice fans, silk fans, whip, double whips, and dabble in hooping. I’m also able to enter a ‘flow state’ of mind when long distance running.


Wait… Did I Say Fire Art?! 🔥

Yes!! I am a fire artist! I am professionally trained Fire Breather who is certified in fire safety, as well as certified in the state of Oklahoma as a Flame Effects Operator!

(& yes my clients get a kick out of having a fire breathing doula)



A Community That Inspires

My son & I enjoying some Aerial Hoop (Lyra) free play!

There are so many other talented artists in the world that share the same passion and hobbies as me! I get to spend time with my friends and make so many new friends during the summer when my family visits different flow art and circus art centered festivals. These festivals are packed full of workshops in SO MANY different skills from Acro Yoga to Fire Breathing. It is a really incredible experience and I am so happy I get to share it with my kids.

Life is incredible! I am fortunate to have the ability to pursue many different skills 💗

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