Fire & Movement Arts


Jenni Jenkins performing at Live.Church OKC’s Big Top Family Reunion 2018

The Beginning
In 2017, I dived into the world of movement and fire arts after attending a flow jam in Norman, Oklahoma. Members of the Oklahoma City and Norman community would meet monday evenings to juggle, hoop, practice acro-yoga, and more! My partner brought me along and while he was teaching other members of the flow meetup how to spin dragon staff, I tried out a Lyra for the very first time.

That was it. I was in love. Lyra was ‘my thing‘.

My journey chasing my lyra dreams brought me into the flow arts community, attending festivals & flow jams as well as taking workshops. I went from trying out the lyra to now being fully immersed as a student and performer. As of the beginning of 2019, I now practice fire fans, silk fans, hoop, whips, fire breathing, fire fleshing, lyra, pole, chair dance, acro yoga, and yoga.

I am incredibly fortunate to have amazing mentors who have instructed me with respect and supported me when I needed assistance.
I am a trained professional, instructed by experienced teachers. DO NOT practice fire arts without the correct education and safety requirements.

I am heavily educated on fire safety & I am registered as a Flame Effects Operator in the state of Oklahoma. Every time I breathe fire, I am taking a risk. DO NOT put yourself or others at risk for serious injury or Death by practicing this art without the proper education. Dragoonis Flame taught me fire breathing & the absolute necessity to practice fire art with the utmost safety and respect. (Want to learn safely? Check out Dragoonis’ page)

My time in the world of movement & fire arts has been a whirlwind of excitement and crushing new goals. While I am relatively new to this exciting area of performance, what I lack in years of experience, I make up with passion and the ability to learn quickly.

After falling in love with Flow Arts and Aerial Arts in 2017, Jenni has embraced the benefits of creative movement fully in her family’s everyday life. Her passion has extended to teaching others all the wonderful ways that practicing a movement art can positively affect your life & your community. This passion led to Jenni working as an article writer for the Flow Arts Institute website. Jenni’s articles are about community topics for the flow arts world. She hopes to benefit her community by providing helpful information that can be useful for all flow artists. 

Partner Fire Breathing at Playthink 2019. Photo by Robert Olsen
  • Big Top Family Reunion 2018Live.Church ~ Edmond, OK – Fire Breathing & Fire Fans
  • Black & White Fundraiser 2018 Ponca City Arts Center ~ Ponca City, OK – Double Staffs, Silks Fans, Whip Artist
  • Live! on the PlazaPlaza Fest 2018 – Plaza District ~ Oklahoma City, OK – Aerial Hoop Artist & Whips
  • Internet Cat Video Festival 2018Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Gardens – Oklahoma City ~ Aerial Hoop Artist & Character Performance
  • Live! On the Plaza 10 Year Anniversary 2018Plaza District ~ Oklahoma City, OK – Aerial Hoop, Whips, Double Staff
  • Fortress Festival 2019 MindWorks ~ Fort Worth, TX – Fire Safety & Backup Performer
  • Spring Splash 2019South Carolina Assoc. CPAs, Charleston, SC- Fire Breathing, Fire Fans, Fire Fleshing