Oklahoma Pregnancy Resources

Knowledge is power, especially in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! As Birth Doula, this is a list of Oklahoma pregnancy resources that I recommend the most to my clients. I hope that this list will help empower and inform you and your loved ones!
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Oklahoma pregnancy resources by Birth Doula Jenni






Did you know becoming educated on breastfeeding PRIOR to giving birth can be a tremendous help in you reaching your breastfeeding goals? These books will help set you up for success! I also encourage you to take a breastfeeding course from your local Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC or CLC) as well as check out support groups like Le Leche League in your area! If you are in the Central Oklahoma area, I recommend Milk Mom’s OKC and events like Nursing & Nourishing Pop-Ups to connect to other moms and breastfeeding professionals.




As an Oklahoma City Doula, supporting you during birth is my passion! I hope this list of books will empower you with a wide range of information so you can make the best choices for your family.





I cannot stress enough that it is as important to plan for your postpartum period as it is to plan for your birth! Here are a few books I really liked that can prepare you for postpartum. I recommend reading postpartum books PRIOR to giving birth so you are not trying to learn new skills or ideas in the midst of the transition.




There are so many book resources for new parents available now! The types of books that you find work best for you and your family may vary. This is a collection of books that I personally enjoyed and felt were beneficial to me as a parent!